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Deluxe ID Cards & Folios
Our highest quality PVC cards and Folios. All of the products in this catalog include a full-card poly-laminate hologram, a badge holder or folio and are double sided (except the folios, which include two PVC cards). A photograph must be supplied, while the signature is optional. The signature will be scaned (unless supplied by email) and applied by our proprietry dry ink method to ensre exact replication of the original. If a signature is not supplied, we will use one of several special script fonts that look exactly like a live signature. If you want to affix a photograph and sign the card yourself, we recommed our Paper Laminate Folios ID's, created just for that purpose. Please note that some of the ID's are not identical to the picures supplied. Due the unfortunate practice of plagerism on the net, especially in this business, we are unable to provide samples of our newest designs. Your personal details, address and company name (if applicable) are captured by our unique online ordering system.
Deluxe ID Cards & Folios

Deluxe Bail Enforcement BadgeUSD40.00
Deluxe Bail Enforcement Badge  
One of our newest designs and the first of our cards to incorporate a barcode. If you ...

Deluxe Bail Enforcement FolioUSD45.00
Deluxe Bail Enforcement Folio  
Of the many Bail Enforcement Agent cards that we produce, this is the finest. Which means, of ...

Deluxe Fugitive Recovery BadgeUSD40.00
Deluxe Fugitive Recovery Badge  
Similar to our Deluxe Bail Enforcement Badge, but for states where the term Fugitive Recovery Agent is used.

Deluxe Press BadgeUSD40.00
Deluxe Press Badge  
A great badge to go with our Deluxe Press Folio. Includes the same security features found in ...

Deluxe Press FolioUSD45.00
Deluxe Press Folio  
We guarentee that there is no finer press ID available. Even the big networks are to cheap ...

Deluxe Private Investigator BadgeUSD40.00
Deluxe Private Investigator Badge  
The hologram, bar code and OVD lamination make this card so impressive, you will rarely even need to ...

Deluxe Private Investigator FolioUSD45.00
Deluxe Private Investigator Folio  
Top of the line PI credentials. The back of the first card has you personal details and ...

Deluxe Security BadgeUSD40.00
Deluxe Security Badge  
The only security badge we offer that includes all of our deluxe features. If you are a ...

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